Zotero iPad app – PaperShip

I have recently bought an Apple iPad Pro (128 GB, WiFi) to replace my old Windows laptop. I use Zotero as a reference manager for all the references I encounter during my time as a student. Zotero is a very easy way to manage your references. It can also be used as a digital library for all your eBooks. Unfortunately, there doesn’t exist a native Zotero iPad app. But there are a few apps that can connect to your Zotero library. I use PaperShip by Shazino. It is a great app for viewing your Zotero (and Mendeley) content, however, PaperShip is not ideal for managing your library.

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SWAT 4 resources – maps and tweaks

Even though the main servers for SWAT 4 has been shut down and the number of players joining a server is decreasing, there is still a lot of SWAT 4 resources that provides new gaming experiences that hasn’t been explored yet. In this post I’ll list the resources I’ve had great use of over the years.

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UnoEuro – importeret SSL certifikat

Resume: Opsæt dit importerede SSL certifikat hos UnoEuro korrekt første gang, således at dit certifikat virker perfekt på alle platforme.

Jeg har i længere tid haft et SSL certifikat tilknyttet til hjorslev.com, og da det mere eller mindre blot er for sjov, jeg bruger certifikatet, vil jeg ikke betale alverden for det. Derfor bruger jeg et certifikat til 100 kr. fra BilligSSL.dk.

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