PowerShell wrapper for SteamCMD

PowerShell SteamCMD Portfolio

SteamPS is a module that utilizes SteamCMD as a wrapper for PowerShell.

It is the first module I wrote and published to the PowerShell Gallery. Its main use is for installing game servers and updating them.

The idea behind the module is to give the user the ability to search for a game name using the command line and find the corresponding AppID without having to look up the Dedicated Servers List or similar ressources.

Update-SteamApp -GameName 'Ground Branch Dedicated Server' -Path 'C:\DedicatedServers\Ground Branch'

If multiple applications appear an Out-GridView is presented to the user so he/she can choose the right application to install. SteamPS: Select the game you wish to install

Development is taking place at Github.