SWAT 4 auto download maps

Submitted by hjorslev on Wed, 01/25/2017 - 12:44

SWAT 4 auto download maps

How can I have SWAT 4 auto download maps? By default, SWAT 4 does not automatically download a map if they player doesn't have it installed prior to loading up the map in the server. Instead, the player is simply kicked from the server and manually need to install the map. In this small tutorial I'll show you have to configure your SWAT 4 server to auto download maps if they are not installed on the clients computer.

SWAT 4 auto download maps

First of all, this need to be configured server side. Besides your SWAT 4 server, you'll need a HTTP server where you'll be hosting the same map files as those on your server. On 22nd SAS EVR SWAT 4 server we've installed ETS COOP Custom Maps v5.0 which features many great maps. If you have applied the ETS Custom Maps on your server, you are welcome to use the Auto Download URL as provided below.

Installation (download using HTTP server)

Go to your SWAT 4 installation folder, and find Swat4DedicatedServer.ini/Swat4XDedicatedServer.ini and edit the following:

Find [IpDrv.HTTPDownload] and set RedirectToURL= to point at your webserver where the downloads are installed. The URL I've entered below contains all the maps in the ETS Custom Maps, and you are welcome to use it on your own server, if you've installed the ETS map pack as well. Remember the trailing slash in the end of the URL.


Installation (download from server)

You should also be able to download the maps directly from the server. However, my experience with this is not particularly good.

If you want to try it:

Locate [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] and set AllowDownloads=True

You can verify that you've configured your SWAT 4 server properly by trying to load up a map you haven't installed yet. If it automatically downloads, well... it works.

Your server should now automatically download the map the server loads.